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ello everyone, my name is Yin Wei, nickname: needle, scorpion, lemon. My score is ok, with a score between 85 and big eyes, a small mouth, and hair that grows to my shoulders. Looking far away, the face is round, and the face is a melon face! The whole person seems to be staying and cute, I am good at imitating other people's voices, very like Oh! At school, I sing the song of Lin Miaoke, you must not hear it. I am a quiet, mad rabbit... go and go! It is a rabbit. I am a girl who is affectionate, not a boy! I am very good at being a good person Cigarettes Cheaper, can play with girls, and play with boys (note: not a fight). Let me give two examples Cigarette Online.ppy tense:h! My buddy, my birthday today! Go to my house for a birthday!" I said happily, Dingzi hesitated: "But if my mom doesn't agree..." "3 chocolates!" Directly, I know that I and her favorite chocolate, or eat and eat is not fat Marlboro Gold, the weight does not change. Sure enough, she said happily: "The deal!" I dare say that if I am not her intimate sister (I am a year older than her), she will definitely pit me more!he evening, I went to the bathroom, don't mention how excited! When I came out Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, she rushed over and hugged me and said, "Germany Happy birthday! Lemon! Give you a big surprise!" After that Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, she pulled me to the living room "Wow! Candy (one of my buddies)! Yang Taomei (I One of the buddies)! Eyes... Snakes (my enemies, men) How come you?" I said, the eyes snake said: "Dead scorpion! (blame scary) Why did you see me immediately? "I have a hatred with you?" "This is the case." I said casually, "Dingzi, how come they all came?" "They heard your birthday, faster than Liu Xiang!" Ding Ziyue said The more excited I almost sprayed my face. I didn't know that I didn't have a high fever at that time, and suddenly shouted to them: "Today's dinner! I treat you!" "Good!" No, more than 500 pieces are flying... but I am still very happy!

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