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One day, the puppy Pippi ran over with a beautiful and delicate electric light Wholesale Cigarettes. Wang Xiaoli looked at the electric light and shouted out: "Ah! This is the birthday present that my father gave me!" said Wang Xiaoli, she could not help but shed tears. She made up her mind to create a unique light bulb in the world to commemorate her father. .st do it, Wang Xiaoli walked into the room and designed it Carton Of Cigarettes. One day, one month, one year... Two years later, Wang Xiaoli finally created a unique light bulb in the world - the story of Wang Xiaoli and her father is engraved on the light bulb. Wang Xiaoli??s thoughts on her father touched God, and a fairy got into the light bulb. The fairy in the light bulb tells Wang Xiaoli: "Just turn on the light switch and light the light bulb, you will get magic. However, magic can only stay in your body for four days." was ready to go out to see the world and try magic Online Cigarettes. She took magic and followed a strange traveler. It was two days and two nights. In the early morning of the third day, she saw a bird's nest that fell to the ground. She thought, "They must have their trees cut down before they fall to the ground." So she applied magic and suddenly a towering tree The bird's nest slowly grew out underneath. This huge sound alarmed the traveler. The traveler asked Wang Xiaoli in amazement: "How did you do it?" She told the traveler about the ins and outs. The only thing she didn't say was that magic can only be kept in her body for four days Marlboro Lights. In the evening, the traveler and she were very tired and had no place to sleep. Wang Xiaoli applied magic again, and a majestic house appeared immediately on the desolate land. Seeing the fourth day, Wang Xiaoli was afraid that the traveler would wake up and find that she would be very upset when she disappeared Cigarettes For Sale, so she left quietly.awn, and the sun father rose from the east. Wang Xiaoli had the last magic: she was going to heaven to reunite with her father. She felt that her body was getting lighter and lighter, slowly drifting into the air and slowly reaching heaven. At this time, the world's unique electric light also flew into the sky, illuminating the paradise, and Wang Xiaoli lived happily with her father.

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