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Here’s the situation: you see a gorgeous women that you just have to have. Yet Derrick Henry Camo Jersey , you freeze up because you’ve been unsuccessful in the past in these situations. This lack of confidence can be eradicated if you take proper care of what you’re doing and learn the science of the approach. I’m going to list 5 common mistakes made by men when approaching women. Understand that failure is the fastest way to lower your confidence level. I’m going to help you become more successful and thus more confident too.

1) Being indecisive: This has to come first because if you don’t know what you want then how can you expect a woman to respect you? You have to understand women want a man who not only knows what he wants, but goes after it as well with gusto. They respect leaders not followers and one thing leaders all have in common is the will to throw caution to the wind and go after what they want. This is very basic Jack Conklin Camo Jersey , boys. Start by going after and taking what you want in life and this will undoubtedly increase your success rate with women.

2) Poor body language: This is essentially a continuation of the first mistake because being indecisive will manifest in your body language. By body language I’m not only talking about your posture, but I’m also talking about eye-contact Jonnu Smith Camo Jersey , smiling too much and the overall vibe you’re giving off.

Let’s start with posture. If you’re shoulders are slumped over and you seem uncomfortable with yourself then you’re going to make her uncomfortable as well. Allow me to reiterate women want leaders not followers so always be relaxed in your posture and she will follow suit.

Eye contact is crucial- A woman once told me my seductive eye-contact is what won her over and made submit and fall for me. Why? It’s because women relate eye-contact to intimacy and sex. If you’re talking to her and not looking at her in the eye with your eyes full of desire then she’s not going to feel sexual attraction towards you. She’s going to think to herself “if he can’t even look at me now, what’s he going to do in the bedroom?”. Don’t let her think that. Instead you want her to think “wow Taywan Taylor Camo Jersey , the way he looks at me makes me feel so hot, I can’t wait to get him in the bed”.

Smile- Many men make the mistake of smiling too much when talking to girls. Remember nice-guys finish last and smiling is the weapon of choice for the nice guy. Studies have shown that excessive smiling is the characteristic of “low-status individuals” and that’s not what a woman wants in a man. I don’t want you to go out there looking like Jeffrey Dahmer Adoree' Jackson Camo Jersey , but keep a pokerface while talking to her. Maintain an air of mystery. Let her fantasize about the way you feel about her. Don’t lay all of your cards on the table instantaneously like you plan on getting married to her.

Your aura- If you throw out negative energy then you’ll get negative energy back. Instead of thinking “I suck with women” start to think “I’m the greatest seducer there is” and “Women want to be with me”. You have to have a very confident vibe for her to want you. When you’re confident, women will gravitate towards you naturally because they’ll feel you are a man who knows what he’s doing and she’ll enjoy your company.

3) Complimenting way too much- Flattery is good in spurts Corey Davis Camo Jersey , but when you get into the Disney mode of trying to play Prince Charming this can have a negative effect for two reasons:

A) she may think you’re a player (even though you are!) and say the same thing to every girl and

B) she may interpret you as weak and insecure and this is bad news. i.e. “why is he complimenting me so much, he must be insecure about himself”

The most effective type of compliments to use is sexual flattery Harold Landry Camo Jersey , but this is an advanced technique that you’ll get into in the future. If you’re just starting off I don’t recommend sexual flattery because you have to have an enormous amount of confidence to pull this off. So if you’re a beginner my best advice is to drop the compliments all together.

4) Using pick-up lines: Don’t ever use a pick-up line. Most women don’t find these attractive and if you try to use a pick-up line to seduce her you’ll just be wasting time for the both of you. Be natural with your game. If you can’t muster up the courage to just say “hello my name is ___” then it’s best to use the environment to your advantage to start a conversation. For example if you’re in a train station you can ask her for directions and take it from there.
Whatever you do, never use a pick up line because you’ll just look like a loser.

5) Not knowing what type of woman you’re talking to: There are many different types of women out there and each one has to be seduced differently. The more you approach the more you’ll understand this. You can’t approach a party girl and a bookish girl from the same angle because they’re motivated by different things and attracted to different types of guys. Likewise you can’t approach a no-nonsense woman with elaborate words as she’ll get impatient. Know your opponent. A true seducer is fluid with his personality and sizes up every woman he comes in contact with and adapts his persona appropriately. Learn to read the different types of females and approach accordingly.

The author Father Pharaoh is a poet Rashaan Evans Camo Jersey , philosopher, and self-proclaimed “womanizer” living in New York City Austin Johnson Rush Jersey , NY. He intends to publish several more eBooks in the upcoming year including a novel to help men be more successful in their sexual conquests and live like the kings. Make sure

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