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Blurred city blurred night scene, blurred raindrops fall on the blurred street pavilion, I read your last reply on the mobile phone, a bit bitter and bitter, telling myself that everything will be like a cloud to the street people in the distance Cheap Cigarette Cartons. Pedestrians can hear the laughter and laughter. The lights on the roadside are covered with gauze, blurred like rain, sly like fog; falling rain, ticking, and the house sighs with your beautiful sigh; listening to the window, oh Lili, the ground is full of your whispers, the pictures in the night are integrated into the streets of the night, who knows the thoughts of sorrow? One night, one person is drunk in the night, inadvertently sings you often The tune, remember that the text message you sent that year is the nature of the flower, and finally gave you a pass, but I have been feeding, I can't hear your reply. I looked at the bustling city. The rain seemed to have the back when you left. It was ambiguous. I deleted your reply or gave you a call, but you didn??t pick it up. The clock ticking, the rain ticking Tick, I sighed in the wind, the strange voice with a familiar taste, the strange face outlined the strange street, just feed it, the house echoed and fed, the rain listened to the feed and I fed it, on the phone. It came to feed the sound, and the thousand words that I wanted to say became the feeding sound. The small pool will be clear and the streets will be supported by small umbrellas. The lighthouse in the distance seems to be looking for the geese of Nangui, a branch of the screaming screaming of the falling flowers, a poem shouting into the distance. The photo in the photo album was deleted and I read the text message you sent me. Everything came to my eyes like a green one Newports 100S. You were shocked and gave me the feeding Newport Menthol Cigarettes, which denied my love. Faith. The text messages are long Newports Cigarettes Price, short and short, but not long between the heavens and the earth. They are short between you and me. I can't read them. I look at them roughly. The rain is wet and I can't see them. Qing; broken chapters Cigarettes Types, I can't read the words you wrote, the last sentence can't accept the shadow of the next sentence. I am holding an umbrella on the street, I don't mean to find you around, indifferent, you faintly stroke, outline It??s all my breath. Your back is getting farther and I have drawn a full stop. I thought about it or made a phone call. This is the last pass. I am squatting. I am squatting. I am often overwhelmed by the way. I stop and stop, I don??t know what to do. Finally, I still feed, so I feed. I was trapped in the feeding, the lights smashed the night, one after another took the wind, one flower after another fermented the smoke, I looked at the phone call, fed a few sound.

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