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The R6 Credits community is very enthusiastic and very devoted to the game. It's a fantastic source of content that is exciting. We love heading to the subreddit and watching players discuss their art or their awesome plays and we see that as a barometer for a very healthy community. We also just love hearing their ideas on the sport, since they're so passionate and have this emotional investment in the sport.

We love hearing what they think about the changes we make, even if they don't always agree, and that's ok, because we like to think that we have worked with our players to attract Siege to where it's. We equilibrium their qualitative feedback together with the data that we have on our staff and attempt to discover a happy medium at which all fits together.

What is your project changed over the buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits three decades of Siege?

We discuss more blogs about what the staff is operating on, we are more transparent about the things we are seeking to perform in the long run, and our progress in general.

The anti-cheat initiative we've had recently is a big thing that we have been talking with our players about. We came out and we said what we were likely to be working on -- three weeks after we gave them an upgrade on it , three months later we gave them a second upgrade. Sharing these items with our players, we view it as a indication that we respect them and need them to understand where we're coming from and have this understanding.

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